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The UK Needs Sperm Donors!

Give the gift of life by becoming a UK sperm donor! Register with our donor database and we will find you an IVF clinic in your area with which to carry out this kind act.



Sperm donors need to help make UK families!
Thanks to you!

How to become a sperm donor?

Basic requirements for sperm donors are the following:


1) You must be between 18 and 40 years old.

2) You must be negative for infectious diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B (HBSAg test) and hepatitis C (HCV test) and remain negative until 6 months after the last donation.

3) You need to have a semen evaluation to see if your semen is sufficient quality for the donation process.


If you fulfill these requirements, you qualify as a semen donor!!


How does sperm donation work?


You simply have to present in your local sperm bank and give a sample. The sample will be cryopreserved for future use.


Will I get paid to be a sperm donor?


You will not get paid as such because the act is ‘donation’. However you are allowed by the HFEA to get £35 per visit, to cover expenses. Outside the UK, prices may vary but are usually around this amount.


How many times can I donate?


There is a 10 family limit in the UK, and other countries have similar limits. Therefore individual centres may impose a limit on the number of times you can donate.


Will I ever meet the recipient?


You will never meet the recipient, but any children resulting from the donation do have the right to trace you in the UK. Therefore, you are required to leave traceable information in the IVF clinic. For your part, you can find out whether children were born with your semen by contacting the clinic. In other countries where donation is anonymous, neither yourself nor any children resulting from the act can find out about you.


What if I want to donate sperm privately?


In the UK, you are not named as the father and no-one can request money for the children if you donate sperm through a licensed centre. Outside of these centres, this is not the case. Therefore we recommend you donate exclusively through HFEA-licensed centres.



Need to know the law on sperm donation in your country?


Use our database:


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20 Responses to The UK Needs Sperm Donors!

  1. anonymous says:

    hi i am from nepal i would like to be the sperm donar for money. Plz provide me the place here in the kathmandu

  2. hi its me Shawun from Bangladesh, I want to donate my sperm for free for those couple who has no children or unable to get children.
    Thank you.

  3. abibulai says:

    Am in ghana and want to be a donor,any help

  4. abibulai says:

    Am in ghana and i want to be a donor,how will i go by it

  5. jay shaan says:

    Hello i stay in Phlippine, baguio city .. I want to sell my sperm for money . i really need it… Willing to do anytime required because i need money… Please contact me – 09273247296

  6. black man says:

    I’m from bangladesh. How should I make me a permanent sperm donor.

  7. pantho says:

    i live in Bangladesh.i want to be a donor.what is the process to do it.?

  8. Mohammad Hussain mir says:

    my sperm count is very low I am amarried man having 6yrs I have no child yet So i and my wife wants donar sperm that will be ur most kindness

  9. RichT says:

    What are the opinions of single ladies that choose to get pregnant through sperm donors? Do you think its strange to have a child by a man you never met? Or if it can impact the child? I wouldn’t like to be a bad Mother.

  10. Brian says:


    I need help from people who have already used a sperm donor( a friend) to understand what qualities/criteria they consider for choosing the person.

    Also, if you have used a sperm bank, what information did they provide you on the donor? Is there any way you can have picture of the donor? Will there be the risk of the father wanting to see the child later on or your information will never be released to them?
    Any idea about the cost in US dollars?

    All your help is greatly appreciated.

    • Dear Brian

      Most sperm banks operate with the privacy of the donor in mind. therefore, recipients can’t have too much information on the donor. However, you get to know some details such as hair colour, education etc.
      There is no risk the donor could trace the recipient, but in some cases a child could trace the donor.

  11. Adam says:

    Weird question. I have just picked up on the fact that it is apparently difficult to find a sperm donor. A friend of mine who is a lesbian is wishing to find a sperm donor for her and her partner. Do the legalities make this difficult? I guess I always assumed it would be easy.

  12. Dom L says:

    I have a friend who is considering becoming a sperm donor, but he’s uncomfortable with the idea of his sperm being indiscriminately distributed (is that the correct term?). He doesn’t want just anyone who is not capable of raising a child receiving his donation. Do any of you know how this works? Thanks.

    • Dear Dom L

      If your friend is uncomfortable with the idea of donating sperm, it’s probably better he doesn’t go through with the process. This is because it’s a somewhat individual opinion whetherthe recipient couple brings up the child well. However, clinics are required to screen recipients for the welfare of the child i.e. if the recipients have problems within the relationship/previous risk factors they won’t be allowed to go ahead with the process.

  13. Mak Sultan says:

    I know there is much debate over the ethics of being a sperm donor. I wonder how many women out there would refuse to date or marry a guy because he used to donate and has possibly fathered many children that may someday want to contact him.

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