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Spermiogram Pick Up Service


Relax! We pick up your spermiogram sample from whever you wish!.

If it takes up too much of you time to go to the clinic for a spermiogram, or you prefer to produce your sample at home, you can request our spermiogram pick-up/drop off service through our IVF partners.  Produce your sample where you feel most comfortable (usually at home), and have it sent to the IVF clinic via courier from a convenient location. You can choose to meet the courier at a predefined place (for example a place you habitually pass through on the way to work), or have the courier come to a specified address (for example work) to receive the sample.


You don’t waste time to go to the clinic, and your sample will be analysed and the results sent to you by three methods:

  • E-mail
  • Post
  • Retrieve directly from the clinic





You need to be registered as a patient with IVFAgent.com, as does the participating clinic.


You should have already visited the IVF centre with your partner to register as a patient.


The time passed between sample production and sample arriving in the IVF clinic should not exceed 2 hours.


To send the sample under controlled conditions, please request one of our semen transport containers.



…just one of the many ways we at IVFAgent.com is trying to make your IVF treatment as stress-free as possible.



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