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Packages of IVF treatment

Pay and Go IVF treatment packages. IVFAgent.com has specially designed packages of IVF treatment for you. These packages are designed and defined by us to permit comparability between IVF centres, between regions and even from country-to-country. 

Compare the price of IVF treatment between centres, select IVF packages offered through our service providers and pay for the treatments through IVFAgent.com.


Why pay us and not them? We offer this service to permit you to have a guarantee of service, especially if you go abroad for IVF treatment. We withhold the treatment payment until you are completely satisfied. Not happy? Within 5 days of arriving at the IVF centre and certainly prior to embryo transfer, please get in contact with us. We will try to resolve the problem for you. Completely unsatisfied? Cancel the treatment and we will reimburse you. After embryo transfer, the treatment cycle is considered complete, and we cannot withhold the treatment payment any more, but, you can still use the review option to state your complaints.

Why use this site to book your infertility treatment?


IVFAgent Logo Clear pricing. You get the treatment you pay for. No surprises.
IVFAgent Logo Our guarantee. Prepay through the site and we withhold payment until the treatment is complete.
IVFAgent Logo Reputation of the service provider. Happy with the service? Leave a review. Not happy? Leave a review again. In this way, other clients can choose the best!

Features of the site for Patients.



How to choose IVF treatment packages through IVFAgent.com?


- Register as a patient.


- Search for an IVF specialist (you can search even before you register).


- Choose your IVF centre.


- Choose their IVF package.


- Pay for the package (or pay a cycle deposit where offered).


- Print out the voucher.


- Take it to the centre on the day of egg retrieval.


- We will reimburse the value of the acquired package directly to the IVF Centre.


…with IVFAgent.com you can have an IVF cycle from the comfort of your home (well, almost!).

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