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Ovulation calculator

Get an sms alert when you are most fertile with our online Ovulation Calculator!

Ovulation calculator predicts my fertile period.


Free ovulation predictors are useful, but can you really remember which days the ovulation predictor suggested?
Ovulation predictor kits also work, but aren’t these kits a just a bit mechanical, a bit too unromantic?
Why not surprise your partner, try to conceive and have a bit of romance thrown in!
The best solution is a discrete message that reminds you of your fertile period.
That’s why IVFAgent offers you the online Ovulation Calculator!


Ovulation Predictor

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How can I use the ovulation predictor?

Insert username, a password, E-mail address or mobile phone number (country code included e.g. +441234567), date of last cycle (first day of bleeding) and months you would like to receive alerts.
We will send you a message to remind you when you reach your fertile period.


The rest is up to you!


…just one of the many ways we at IVFAgent.com are trying to make your pregnancy as stress-free as possible.

What is an ovulation predictor?

Ovulation is the period when the ripe egg is released from the ovaries and travels along the Fallopian tubes to meet the sperm and become fertilised. The most fertile period of the menstrual cycle is therefore during the 3 days prior to, and including ovulation because any sperm present in the tubes will have the best chance of fertilising the egg when it has just been released. Therefore, an ovulation calculator is an accurate indicator of the fertile period.
Ovulation calculators can be simple applications to predict when you ovulate during the month, or expensive kits that measure the rise in luteinising hormone (the hormone that triggers ovulation). If you want to get pregnant naturally, your best bet is to try during this period.
Didn’t get pregnant after 12 months with the ovulation predictor?  We recommend you talk to an infertility specialist as soon as possible.


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22 Responses to Ovulation calculator

  1. nana ama says:

    Dr pls help me out i have an abortion 7 time what will i now want a baby

  2. sofia young says:

    my last menstration was 28 of june 2013 when will my ovulation starts and when will it end?

  3. catherine says:

    may last period started on 19/7/2013, when is may ovulation day

  4. jessica says:

    wish this help me to conceived

  5. jesif says:

    i just married before three months bt not able to successful concieve and is feeling irregular period since when get maturity in age of 14 years. how it be regular? what is posible way to judge most fertile days?

    • Dear Jesif

      If you have irregular periods, the best advice is to visit a gynaecologist to discover why. An ovulation predictor is not useful in these circumstances.

  6. Favour says:

    my last period this month started on Sunday 09/06/2013, how do i count so that i dont miss getting pregnant??
    please help me i have been trying to get pregnant for 3 yrs now.
    i live in uganda

    • Dear madam

      You should have your fertile period between 20 and 25 June.

      If you have been trying for 3 years, i suggest you and your husband go to a doctor for a check up.

      Good luck!

      Martin Wilding

  7. Luv says:

    Me and my husband are trying to get a baby.

  8. PillowWoman1234 says:

    Will ovulation predictor strips be reliable whilst breastfeeding?

    • During breastfeeding, your body produces prolactin, which tends to inhibit ovulation. But, since this is not total, you can still ovulate. Ovulation predictor kits will remain accurate.

  9. have faith says:

    I am currently struggling to conceive plus I have 2 ovulation prediction calculators plus they both provide me 2 different days of ovulation. What does this mean? I input the same information inside both of them.

  10. Michael K says:

    My ovulation calculator states day 1 a little fertile, day 2 fertile, day 3 quite fertile, then day 4 time for ovulation. Can we try to conceive on the fertile days or simply the ovulation day??

  11. Cupcakerum says:

    A year ago I had a miscarriage & it devastated me plus my fiance & I are struggling to conceive, however my periods come each 3 months & I have no idea whenever I’m ovulating. My menstrual cycle is 82 days. I’ve tried the ovulation calculators online nevertheless they just go to 45 days. Does anybody recognize any sites which would aid? I would appreciate it.

  12. Hotshot t says:

    My case is like this. My last menstrual is on 31 May. So should I try at 12-16 days to get pregnant or use the ovulation calculator on web to calculate my ovulation peak period?

    If use ovul calculator, how many menstrual cycle days should I put if my last menstrual on 31 May?

    Please help me!!!
    Dear Kiki76,

    My April period is on 27 April. Can you please count for me when is the best day to get pregnant in June?

    May period is on 31 May. 7 days cycle.

    Thanks a lot Kiki.

  13. Jon P says:

    How do you know if a 43 year old man can make babies? if he ejaculates does that mean he can make babies? also, do the ovulation calculators really work when trying to conceive?i put in the last time i started my period but i wasnt exactly sure…it was somewhat of a guess.


    I am trying ttc # 2 for 2 months and half, I never been used ovulation calculator but I am trying on them now. So any of you have been used ovulation calculator and that it successful make you pregnant? Does it really work?

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