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Increasing your fertility.

Increase your fertility. Infertility is an issue that can affect both men and women.  Because of low sperm count, low sperm motility and an inability to gain an erection, many men are unable to conceive a child. Women can have similar issues, with their ova (eggs) not being released properly, released into the fallopian tubes, or other problems which prevent successful conception.


People have been using many different methods to increase fertility for literally millions of years. Children were always seen as a blessing and continuation of the species and it is only natural that we have developed and evolved a large body of knowledge about the topic.


Herbs, supplements, alternative medicines, getting fit, losing weight, quitting smoking and drinking and many more quality of life improvements can help to correct fertility issues in both men and women.

If the reason for the infertility is medical or anatomical in nature and cannot be corrected by lifestyle, there are new technologies available for in vitro fertilization as well as surrogate motherhood options. Lastly, adoption is also frequently presented to couples who wish to have a child but are biologically incapable.


Are There Any Fertility Herbs and Supplements That Help?


There are not many true scientific studies that address this issue, but there are certainly some out there which do point to the effectiveness of certain compounds. These can help both men and women with fertility issues:


-       L-carnitine – this has been clinically shown to be successful in increasing sperm production and motility for men; however, the link between pregnancy has not been found yet


-       Vitamin E – there are studies which indicate that vitamin E has the ability to increase the amount of sperm that is created in the testicles, aiding in fertility


-       Coenzyme Q10 – both sperm count and motility have been shown to increase after using this supplement


-       Folic acid – this compound which comes from folate (broccoli, spinach), is often recommended for women when they are pregnant, because it reduces the chances of developing spina bifida when the fetus is conceived; in men, it also increases sperm counts when it is taken with zinc


-       Vitamin C – this vitamin should be taken anyway as it strengthens and fortifies the immune system; it is being studied currently to determine whether it has any effect on sperm counts and fertility, because it has traditionally been used this way with some success

There are many other herbs which have been prescribed for thousands of years to aid with conception and fertility and it has been shown that many of them contain the compounds listed above. Ginseng root, Siberian Solomon Seal, Yarrow , Hibiscus and Jasmine are just some of the many herbs and flowers which have been recommended by cultures all over the world since ancient times to increase fertility.


Regulating Your Hormones through Health


Many women are unable to conceive because of hormonal imbalances in their body. If you are having trouble getting pregnant, then it is advised that you have your thyroid checked out by a doctor. The thyroid is the head of the endocrine system which regulates hormones in the body. You may be unable to conceive because of a hormone imbalance.


For people who are very overweight, it can be difficult to get pregnant. Men sometimes suffer from lower sperm counts and women do not ovulate at the right times. This can all be traced back to estrogen and body fat. Our adipose tissue also releases estrogen into the body. One of the best ways that you can rule out the possibility of your inability to conceive being due to being overweight is simply to lose the weight, get healthy and keep trying!


Stacy Smith is a health writer for CompareClinic.com, a review-driven community designed to help patients locate trusted medical facilities and specialists locally and overseas.

10 Responses to Increasing your fertility.

  1. clntvrrt says:

    They cancelled my initial IVF cycle. I wish To begin a 2nd cycle however I would like to know whether anybody has tried all-natural techniques to augment their fertility.

  2. Muzahid says:

    I read a post online suggesting that to increase fertility you need to change from lowfat milk to complete plus icecream 2xs a day. Anyone else read anything similar to this? Is it true?

  3. martha says:

    I know women who take Geritol to increase fertility. Is this an advantageous “at-home” way for improving fertility?

  4. ttocs says:

    Does anybody have any treatments which they utilize to increase fertility? Or anything which they have tried from a wellness food shop which might work?

  5. RuMKilleR says:

    My spouse plus I are having some difficulty conceiving. We have been TTC for 6 months and we were hoping to obtain certain tips to strengthen our natural fertility before exploring healthcare choices.

  6. easton j says:

    I’ve heard yams may increase fertility. Perhaps this might be an historic African “old wives tale”. What suggestions do we all have?

  7. Rassling Fundamentals says:

    Simply desire to learn whether there are any certain vitamins I might take which would heighten my fertility? Also, has anybody heard about taking agnus castas to aid with fertility?

  8. Kobe says:

    I understand that exercise plus eating properly are methods to increase fertility. I have a naturally healthy life-style nevertheless have not been able to conceive. So I improved my exercise and diet program but I wonder if I’m not overdoing it? I was thinking whether there are any alternative all-natural techniques, to avoid pricey IVF treatments, and aid the possibility of getting pregnant?

  9. Willie says:

    I had a laparoscopy on oct 25 after which I got my period back. I only began vitex….does this heighten fertility?. We have been trying to conceive for a while without results.

  10. Joe M says:

    We are struggling to conceive. We have been trying for nearly a year. I read someplace about certain foods which heighten fertility in ladies…Is this true? Where can I discover them?

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