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A real IVF pioneer (?)


One of the first IVF Clinics in London, the Barton Clinic was well known in the 1940′s as a pioneering centre for infertility. Now, genetic testing has revealed just to what extent the ‘pioneering’ nature of their work extended.


It is suggested that up to 600 of the babies conceived in the clinic were effectively fathered by IVF pioneer Bertold Weisner, the owner. This by clandestine sperm donation. Dr Weisner died in the 1970′s, but recently several of the children conceived in the clinic were found to be genetically related to him, hence the estimate. Obviously, in this modern era regulations are in place to limit bulk donation and obviously the clandestine sort, but we can’t help wondering how many risks were taken in the early days to help couples conceive…

Real IVF pioneer?




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